Our Programs:

Catch Them Young has 3 Program Phases Available
Seminars & Workshops

CTY conducts motivational seminars and workshops in community centers, schools, faith based organizations etc. The workshops are on various subjects, i.e.. Life Skills/Social Skills, etiquette, self esteem, focus, purpose, etc.

Leadership/Character Building Training

CTY has developed an ETHICS Curriculum that will train and equip our youth with the principles needed to navigate through life. Our curriculum is designed to engage the student in the process of knowing and developing self. Statistics show that when a person recognizes their unique gifting and talents it builds their self-esteem and confidence. Our goal is to develop the social skills and interpersonal skills needed to effectively communicate. We are in the building business…. one child at a time.

Support Groups

Our support groups offer youth a safe space to discuss the issues and emotions they are dealing with due to everyday life challenges. We provide the encouragement, motivation and direction they need to live successful lives. We have a network of mentors and community partners that possess the skill sets and services needed to meet the needs of our students.

Workforce Development

“Workforce development” is defined as an essential component of community economic development in any economic climate, and certainly even more critical during the financial crises we’re experiencing today.
There has never been a more critical time than now for our communities to be trained and equipped to compete in today’s job market. No! There are no shortages of jobs, but a shortage of applicants that possess the softs skills needed to function effectively.
Employers tell us that they have applicants that have completed job training programs are well trained and skilled but lack social skills. One employer was quoted as saying, “I need someone that can do the job and that I can trust”.
Daily we are faced with occurrences that expose the state of our present society. We can clearly see that there has been a tremendous decline in the area of moral and integral conduct. We capitalize on strengthening these areas as well as attitude, timeliness, work ethic, etc. We utilize proven principles that when implemented, guarantee proven results!